Love in the park

“Nakawa. Spear. Kampala road. Parka Nkadde.” The taxi conductor yells through the window. A daily mantra. I wonder about how his voice hasn’t grown hoarse from  the daily yelling.The taxi swerves and screeches to a halt right in front of a girl, almost running over her toes. She looks up from her phone, barely noticing. […]

Death, do not pass me by

The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live 4 years ago, Grandpa lost the fight to cancer.  1 year ago, Desire went to rest with the angels. 1 month ago, Julie, it was real ✊ No one ever sees death coming. No one ever knows […]

Rest in Power Sekse ;)

We all know this isn’t the finish. It is the end of our journey together and it’s hard. It’s our time to say goodbye…but this isn’t it. This isn’t the finish. This is when and where our trip together ends. But this isn’t it. I love you Julie. You’ve had a really special meaning in […]


How do I know I’m in love with him? Is it the way my heart skips a beat When he tells me He’s coming over? The way I dust my skirt And check my teeth And pat my short hair Is it that little smile and blush When I think of him? When I’m with […]

Murder she wrote

Rage,   Was all that filled him through,   “Why are you doing this, Sage?”   She cried. But the feeling only grew,   “I love you!!!”   A tall, light skinned, athletic and well groomed man, was no less the man of her dreams. But a dark, gruesome and ugly death was far from […]

Guest Blog: One is enough.

Komakech sat in awe. He could not believe what disappointment came off such great effort. He could not believe what much fun the boys seated opposite him were having while he sat and sulked in such boredom. He could not believe they were that loud. They were having way more fun hanging out as boys […]